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  • EVH Group is a community built from our Twitter and Facebook groups, made for Edward Van Halen fans by the fans. We are not commercial in any way. We just simply discuss and share news from media around the world. We also discuss Van Halen and other cool rock music. We do not host any files on this server and our forums are secure, we comply with GDPR.
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    • Mitch Malloy - The Van Halen Lost Boy
      Not to be missed 🎸

      The legacy of Van Halen has never had a shortage of drama or die-hard fans...and rocker Mitch Malloy has a unique place within the still-unfolding drama. Following the ousting of Sammy Hagar from the band Malloy was tapped as the lead singer replacement, but subsequently declined this rock royalty position.

      For years Mitch Malloy's story was touched on but never fully revealed, mostly by Malloy to avoid conflict with his current musical pursuits. After the publication of "Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga," which mentions Malloy, fans and media continually asked about his Van Halen experience. This is Mitch's story. Mitch Malloy: Van Halen's Lost Boy.
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    • There's No Business Like Show Business (Part 3)
      1979 rolled into 1980 and Van Halen released their third album, "Women and Children First". An album that was different in sound and feel to Van Halen and Van Halen II. It is another great album from Van Halen that also sold very well. The Band was to continue to grow in popularity. The songs "Everybody Wants Some" and "Romeo Delight" from Women and Children First are instant favourites with people attending Van Halen's concerts.

      It was in either 1979 or 1980 that the now "Infamous" story about "There are to be no Brown M&M's in the Backstage Area" at concerts was written into their Tour Rider. The true story behind this is a great one!
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    • 1985 - Dave Quits or is Fired? Enter Sammy Hagar.
      A lot's been written about this over the years. According to David Lee Roth, Eddie and Alex didn't want to tour. Both Eddie and Alex were drinking and taking way too much Party Substances for their own good. So David Lee Roth either left Van Halen in 1985 or he was fired.

      The Van Halen Brothers had their version of what happened as did David Lee Roth.

      "The Truth Is Out There...."

      Something that was said was David Lee Roth was going to make a Movie. That indeed was something that was being worked on until the Film Company he signed up to work with went Bankrupt.

      So Dave assembled a "NEW BAND" with Greg Bissonette on Drums, Billy Sheehan on Bass and Steve Vai on Guitar. It also should be noted that 99% of Van Halen's staff including the roadies and support personal went to work for Dave.

      Eddie had a lot of music written and they needed to find a Singer. The Singer would be Sammy Hagar. Apparently, they had a mutual friend who looked after their Ferrari's and he gave Eddie Sammy's Phone Number.
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