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    • Wet/Dry/Wet Setup- Eddie's Setup from 1985 to 2015
      For years and years there's been all kinds of "Expert Opinions" on the Internet about how Eddie got his tone. First thing we need to address is Eddie's "Famous Marshall 100 watt Super Lead Plexi Amp". For years, It was claimed the Amp was modified by Jose Arredondo. It wasn't modded. Jose simply changed the Valves in it and serviced it for him. The Amp might possibly have been rebiased by Jose.

      The reason being I know the Marshall wasn't modified because Mike Soldano did some work on that Marshall sometime in the early 90's after Eddie bought 3 Soldano SLO 100's and 3 4 x 12 cabinets from Mike Soldano.

      The Soldano SLO 100's were Eddie Van Halen's and Andy John's choice of Amp when For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was recorded. Mike stated the Marshall was totally stock. Mike even rebiased one of his Orange Amps and got the exact tone of Eddie's Marshall.
      Ok a slight bit of History regarding Eddie's Setup from 1985 onwards. In 1981/1982, Studio guitarist Michael Landau was about to go out on tour with Olivia Newton John.Let's get Physical, Olivia Newton John. Michael Landau needed to be able what he could do in the Studio in a Live Situation so he hired Bob Bradshaw to designed a signal switching solution for his amps, pedals and rack gear(not 100% sure if Landau was using rack gear at that point).
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    • 1984 - Van Halen"s Double Edged Sword (Part 2)..The Aftermath
      Van Halen and David Lee Roth or David Lee Roth and Van Halen parted ways in early 1985. In late 1984/early 1985 Noel Monk was terminated as Manager of Van Halen. Just about every Van Halen employee began to work for David Lee Roth including Van Halen's producer Ted Templeman. The only people that stayed on with Van Halen were Rudy Leiren(Eddie's Guitar Tech) and Donn Landee(Who was Eddie's assistant in the Studio).After the release of David Lee Roth's Crazy From The Heat EP, David Lee Roth's next career move was a make a Movie! The movie was going to also be called Crazy From The Heat. The production company went bankrupt before a single reel of footage was shot however, plenty of auditions were held the auditions were of members of the fairer sex. What was the Movie going to be about? It was going to be somewhere between an extended music and Cheech and Chong.
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    • 1984 - Van Halen's Double Edged Sword (Part 1).
      No Van Halen Website is complete without commentary on Van Halen's 1984! I've long said to many people if they listened to Van Halen's 1984 instead of reading George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, their lives would be filled with joy and happiness instead of self loathing and despair!

      Eddie finally got something he wanted for a long time in 1983..his own recording studio named 5150 which was built next to his home. The 1984 album was the first album recorded there. Much of the reason why 5150 was built simply came down to Eddie wanting more control of band musically.

      The Studio got built in early 1983 and the band started recording what became 1984 from June to October 1983. The entire Van Halen band was still in great shape at this point. There were tensions between David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen but it was still in competitive healthy spirit to make sure the both of them were bringing their "A" game to the table so to speak.

      Noel Monk (Van Halen's Manager) also got the band the time needed for them to record 1984 so Warner Bros. would be off their backs! Record companies don't care about art, creativity, artistic development, all they care about is money.

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    • Happy Birthday OU812
      33 years ago today, OU812 was released! It is the eighth studio album released in 1988, and the second to feature vocalist Sammy Hagar. Van Halen started work on the album in September 1987 and completed it in April 1988, just one month before its release. There were 6 hit singles from this album: "Black and Blue," "Cabo Wabo," "Feels So Good," "Finish What Ya Started," "When It's Love" and "Mine All Mine."
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    • Diver Down - The Album Van Halen Didn't Want To Record!
      In early 1982 Van Halen were on a slight decline with the sales of the Fair Warning Album. However, Van Halen concerts were sold out everywhere. By this point there was tension between Eddie VanHalen and David Lee Roth. In 1981, Eddie wanted to quit the band and have himself and Alex Van Halen join KISS. Gene Simmons talked him out of it of course. It wouldn't have happened as Eddie was contracted to Warner Brothers Records along with the rest of Van Halen.

      Eddie's frustration was that the band was only given two to three weeks to record an album by the Record Company. Its important to understand that Van Halen was making massive amounts of money for Warner Bros from touring. When you put this into perspective, that's two to three weeks to record an album then constant touring, which  makes a record company instant money and cashflow. Also the Band needed that money from touring as well. If a band is in a recording studio for 12 months, it isn't making any money!

      The band decided they should release a single just to keep them on the radar and out there so in early 1982 they brought out their cover of "Pretty Woman". "Pretty Woman" got to No.9 on the Billboard Chart and the Music Video for it was played constantly on MTV. It was their biggest hit! The Phone starting ringing and it was the Record Company saying "We need you guys to record an album".....

      This is something Eddie did not want to do. David Lee Roth had the attitude of "We'll do it quick like the other ones and go on tour" and that again is exactly what they did.

      Eddie still had plenty of creativity and energy as this point and also was beginning to play Synths and by this point has bought a couple of Sequential Prophet 5's and a Moog. It was around this time(Early 1982) that Eddie wrote the music for Jump but the rest of the band didn't like it!
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