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Mitch Malloy - The Van Halen Lost Boy
Not to be missed ūüéł

The legacy of Van Halen has never had a shortage of drama or die-hard fans...and rocker Mitch Malloy has a unique place within the still-unfolding drama. Following the ousting of Sammy Hagar from the band Malloy was tapped as the lead singer replacement, but subsequently declined this rock royalty position.

For years Mitch Malloy's story was touched on but never fully revealed, mostly by Malloy to avoid conflict with his current musical pursuits. After the publication of "Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga," which mentions Malloy, fans and media continually asked about his Van Halen experience. This is Mitch's story. Mitch Malloy: Van Halen's Lost Boy.
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There's No Business Like Show Business (Part 3)
1979 rolled into 1980 and Van Halen released their third album, "Women and Children First". An album that was different in sound and feel to Van Halen and Van Halen II. It is another great album from Van Halen that also sold very well. The Band was to continue to grow in popularity. The songs "Everybody Wants Some" and "Romeo Delight" from Women and Children First are instant favourites with people attending Van Halen's concerts.

It was in either 1979 or 1980 that the now "Infamous" story about "There are to be no Brown M&M's in the Backstage Area" at concerts was written into their Tour Rider. The true story behind this is a great one!
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1985 - Dave Quits or is Fired? Enter Sammy Hagar.
A lot's been written about this over the years. According to David Lee Roth, Eddie and Alex didn't want to tour. Both Eddie and Alex were drinking and taking way too much Party Substances for their own good. So David Lee Roth either left Van Halen in 1985 or he was fired.

The Van Halen Brothers had their version of what happened as did David Lee Roth.

"The Truth Is Out There...."

Something that was said was David Lee Roth was going to make a Movie. That indeed was something that was being worked on until the Film Company he signed up to work with went Bankrupt.

So Dave assembled a "NEW BAND" with Greg Bissonette on Drums, Billy Sheehan on Bass and Steve Vai on Guitar. It also should be noted that 99% of Van Halen's staff including the roadies and support personal went to work for Dave.

Eddie had a lot of music written and they needed to find a Singer. The Singer would be Sammy Hagar. Apparently, they had a mutual friend who looked after their Ferrari's and he gave Eddie Sammy's Phone Number.
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Eddie Van Halen's Gear - The Early Years
Lots has been written about the various Guitars, Amps and effects Eddie used over the years mainly to do with his "LIVE" Setup. In this Article, That will be discussed and also some of the studio gear that was used to record the Van Halen Way before van Halen recorded Van Halen.....in fact when David Roth joined the Band and were first called Van Halen......Eddie was
believe it of not playing a Gibson ES335!!! The Gibson ES335 was great sounding according to Eddie but the rest of the band said to him

"You ain't Roy Orbison". So then I believe Eddie played used a LesPaul for a while but didn't like the fact a lot of player were using them at the time.


I am guessing this is because Jimmy Page used one and many players

were all about copying Jimmy Page. So then Eddie started using a Fender Stratocaster. Now, Eddie really liked it the vibrato bar but the sound of it was very buzzy and thin when overdriven.


It was around this time I believe that Eddie thought to himself "What

if I put a pickup from a Gibson in my Stratocaster". There are photos

of Van Halen from 1975 - 1976 where Eddie is indeed playing a Fender Stratocaster style guitar with a Humbucking Pickup in the Bridge postion of the guitar.


I say "Fender Stratocaster Style Guitar" as I am not 110% certain the

guitars in the photos are Original Fender Stratocasters.

Ok!!! Here is where the funs begins...

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Fair Warning - Eddie's Finest?
In 1981 we saw Van Halen release Fair Warning!!!! And Fair Warning we were certainly given!!!!

For myself and many die hard Van Halen Fans, this is their best album. It is the album that represents all of the finest elements of Van Halen at their fullest. It is somewhat darker in feel to their other albums yet is full of fun and joy at the same time.
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The Last Album Eddie Listened to?
Peter Gabriel's Album from 1986 is the last album Eddie paid any attention too. He said in a Guitar Player Magazine interview from 1987 he really dug this album. Furthermore Eddie said in Guitar Player Magazine in 1993 that the last album that he thought that was great was Peter Gabriel's So. What is interesting is that for many years Eddie was asked if he would ever do a solo project. For the longest time Eddie brushed off the idea saying "I write all of the music in Van Halen and I get to do whatever I want". I have the feeling though that when it came to the time Van Halen recorded Van Halen 3 it was very much a solo effort from Eddie. The influence of the So album by Peter Gabriel is very evident of Van Halen 3. The song Once sounds very much like it could have been on Peter Gabriel's So.

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There's no Business Like The Music Business (Part 2)
"Wait till you see this guitarist. Just amazing! The front man is incredible! And by the way, we got them for a steal." Carl Scott of Warner Bros. Records to Noel Monk, Van Halen's Road Manager in 1978. That was "Icing On The Cake" as far as Warner Bros. was concerned. Needless to say Noel Monk priority as Road Manager for Van Halen was to see everything ran as smoothlessly as possible. He also got on really well with Eddie, Dave, Alex, Mike. As soon as he heard Van Halen he knew they had something special happening. So within the first year of them being signed to Warner Bros. with Marshall Berle as their Manager and the band finding out they were getting ripped off everyway possible, they asked Noel Monk to be thier Manager.
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There's No Business Like The Music Business
You released your first album and within 6 months it's sold over 1 million copies. Not only that but you are the opening act in England for one the bands that are a one of the biggest in Heavy Metal music.
You think you'd have it made! The harsh reality for Van Halen was far from that! Just about everyone thinks that as soon as a band or singer have made a million selling album that are automatically millionaire(s). That simply isn't the truth of it.
I first read about this in an interview Eddie Van Halen did with Steve Lukather from 1993 in Guitar For The Practicing Musician. Van Halen toured with Black Sabbath in 1978..played 25 gigs in 26 days and did alot more touring in 1978 to really promote their debut album and guess what?
Although Van Halen had sold a million albums and toured non l-stop throughout all of 1978 by the end of year they owed Warner Bros. Records $1 million! That dispelled the myth that if you sell a million albums you are "Set Up For Life". All of this stuff is never talked about at the time in interviews etc. and only comes to light years later.
It gets worse..When Van Halen were opening for Black Sabbath to sold out venues of 3000 to 5000 people they were getting paid a flat fee of $750 split four ways between each band member. Add into that the record deal they signed with Warner Bros. meant that the band would eventually only getm paid about 90 cents for every album sold for their first 2 albums. That is 90 cents split again four ways then manager, agent and lawyer fees etc. have to be deducted from that.
Then each of the 4 members of the band had to also pay the IRS.
As soon as 1979 arrived soon afterwards Van Halen were pushed back into the studio to record their second album Van Halen II. Warner Bros. liked the money and success Van Halen was bringing in. Something worth noting is that you will see photos of Eddie wearing a gold necklace with the Van Halen logo on the Van Halen II album cover. This was a gift from Marshall Berle their manager at the time. This defies belief but Marshall Berle actually charged each of the 4 members of
Van Halen and put it in as part of his managers fee.
Also as part of the great success Van Halen had from the first years records sales and touring, Marshall Berle threw a huge party for the band with the finest of Food and Drink. Van Halen were totally blown away by Marshall Berle's generosity.
David Lee Roth commented to their road manager Noel Monk at the time how great of Marshall it was of him to do that to which Noel Monk said to Dave "Thanks, Dave. It is you and the band that are paying for all of this". The bill for this great party they were having was $20,000.
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That was what Eddie Van Halen was told when Diver Down was being
recorded. It seems one of the latest pieces Eddie was working on at the time which would get recorded called "Cathedral" didn't meet with David Lee Roth's approval.

Cathedral went on to become another one of Eddie's countless innovations. It is so unique because unlike other musicians that had used Delay Units he used them entirely differently. In the late 70's, Jaco Pastorius used to 2 Delays live, One as a Looper and another to play melodies on his "Third Stone From The Sun" Bass Solo. The equipment Eddie used to play this was simple. Just a 1961 Fender Stratocaster, A Roland Space Echo RE-201 and Roland Digital DC-50 Chorus. Whereas many players then were using the Boss CE1 Chorus Ensemble, Eddie used the far better sounding Roland Digital CD-50 Chorus.
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Eddie had so much innovation!
The guitar and musical landscape in rock totally changed when Van Halen's debut album was released in 1978. That has been stated time and time again for decades. Yes, there were many great guitar playerst hroughout the 1970's. By the time Van Halen's first album wasr eleased Hard Rock music was well and truly in desperate need of something totally new and innovative.

It needs to be pointed out that most of the equipment Eddie Van Halen used on that first album barring his guitar was totally stock. Many players were using MXR pedals, Echoplex's and Marshall and Fender Amps. What we seen and heard was a whole new approach to playing the instrument which no one had done before.
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Studio Engineer Reacts and Analyses further to Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love
Dennis Ward is tutor at HOFA-College, the online academy for audio engineering & music production.

Be sure to like this video & subscribe to the HOFA YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/3i2Hcg2




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Eddie and Gibsons
Eddie and Gibsons
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Crazy Stories about David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth is a legend. He's one of the greatest lead singers of all time, for one of the greatest rock bands of all time: Van Halen. Diamond Dave led VH from its initial success in 1978 through the coked-out, Spandex days of the 1980s, fronting the band 11 years and running with the devil every single day. A consummate rock star, Dave's over-the-top persona and insane stage antics often overshadowed the genius of the band's music, which more or less conjured the entire genre of hair metal from thin air. David Lee Roth and Van Halen had quite a run together, as these crazy David Lee Roth stories attest. 
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Favourite Van Halen Tour?
What's your favourite live tour and why? 


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Eddie Van Halen: ERUPTION Solo DESTROYS The '83 US Festival!
The absolute BEST of the BEST shredding as only he can 35 years ago(!) in front a raucous crowd of about 180K people at Glen Helen Regional Park, in Devore, California, a huge natural amphitheater seated in 500 acres of rolling hills about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, near San Bernard in. 

Legend has it EVH was hammered to the gills, along with the rest of the boys and caused a lot of disharmony over the three-day mega concert as word spread they were paid over one million dollars to perform. 

Bands like Talking Heads and The Clash donated their money to charity out of disgust for the highly commercial show they claimed they were told was supposed to be a celebration of innovative technology and modern new wave, which was the pitch that sold them to play. 5/29/1983 - Devore, CA


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