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  2. This I found quite interesting from an interview with Billy Gibbons from zztop. Billy tells Guitar Player about how the tapping bit happened: "Totally by accident. "As [drummer] Frank Beard - our man with no beard - waited for the tape to roll, I was attempting to illustrate with [bassist] Dusty [Hill] the high note for the bass-guitar track. "I held the low fret down and tapped the high octave, and that did it. "Dusty leaned back and said, 'Man, do that and do it again!'" Asked about why he hasn't utilized the technique a bit more over the years, Mr. Gibbons replied: "Well, it's still in the technique corral. Van Halen made it a regular thing, and now it's a genuine part of the player's approach to shred. I dig it. "I liked what Eddie's addition brought about [in 1978 on the first Van Halen album], including a lot more lines inside the technique. We realized we were spirits of a kindred kind."
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