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  1. Dave Friedman.........LOL! He's a total moron! It had to be total rebuilt by Peter Van Wheelden. Eddie was Blessed the Amp didn't burst into flames. Since the late 90's in England it has been illegal for Guitar Shops to sell those Marshall as the Transformers in them very easily go on fire. They do not meet British Safety Regulations. People that are looking for the EVH tone should a get a Soldano. They have the EVH tone.
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  3. What rack gear did you have? Myself.....I have an SPX90 and SPX900 plus a BOSS SX700 :)
  4. Back then.......Rack Units had different impedances. One Rack might be -20 unigain(both input and output), some might be -35/-20 switchable unigain, some might be -10/+4 switchable on both the input and the output. Bob Bradshaw was the guy that could make all of those different pieces of gear work together with no loss of signal or too much signal with would make the effects distort and overload. As well as him designing the switching systems.
  5. Please feel free to PM me any questions you have regarding the Bradshaw Rack. Denis J. McCarthy, EVHGroup
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  7. Dave, Eddie, Alex and Mike were good friends when they first started out. Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Mike were also good friends for a long time too. I honestly don't think Van Halen could have gotten any bigger if Dave stayed with the Band. Also by the time Van Halen released Balance......The Band was lacking creativity. Also Ray Daniels(Alex's Brother In Law becoming Manager) didn't help the rift between Eddie and Sammy.
  8. The Tubes are a part of the sound of an Amp. There are other considerations such as;-The Input and Output Transformers,Tolerances of Components, Signal Chain etc, etc.
  9. I do know that in the Mid 1980's Eddie used Svetlana tubes. In the 80's, Eddie also used JCM800 Amps Live as well as Marshall Super Lead Plexi's. The Peavey 5150 Amps were fitted with JJ and Groove Tubes.
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  11. "I didn’t want to be halfway there with someone else’s stuff. Diver Down was a turning point for me, because half of it was cover tunes. I was working on a great song with this Minimoog riff that ended up being used on Dancing in the Street. It was going to be a completely different song. I envisioned it being more like a Peter Gabriel song instead of what it turned out to be, but when Ted heard it he decided it would be great for Dancing in the Street." - Eddie Van Halen, 6th October 2020, Guitar World.
  12. I totally forget to mention Starfleet and a few of the other albums and songs Eddie guested on! No worries I will be writing about them in the near future 😉
  13. Some players didn't even need tapping to get that "TAPPING" sound..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Rcuz2dUts&pbjreload=101
  14. Ritchie Blackmore said he saw Harvey Mandel doing Tapping back in 1969. Larry Carlton does 1 tapped note in the Kid Charlemange solo from 1976. What Eddie Van Halen did or didn't invent isn't important. Eddie Van Halen is regarded as the greatest guitar player of all time.
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